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8 Weird Habits of successful/Intelligent people you don't know

8 Weird Habits of successful/Intelligent people you don't know


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Published on Saturday 21st March 2020
Last Updated Thursday 26th March 2020

Topic: 8 Weird Habits of successful/Intelligent people you don't know comment by jesutofunmi at 21-03-2020 01:04

        If you are opportune to have a billion dollars today, how will you spend it? Most of us have always dreamt of riding the classy rolls Royce, sleeping in a presidential mansion, etc. The idea of some successful individuals in spending and the general lifestyle is quite different and strange. What if I told you that Warren Buffett whose net worth is $73.3BN still lives in a house he bought in Nebraska 50 years ago is worth just over $30,000? His wedding to his second wife was a low-key affair, far-less extravagant than many of our own.

There are certain qualities such as confidence, perseverance, goal-oriented, etc that are quite attributed to most of the successful entrepreneurs out there, but today, we will be going beyond the “normal” lifestyle of some of these billionaires. I will be sharing some of the day-to-day activities of a few of these billionaires that you will find strange or weird.

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Top seven strange habits of successful people

1. Intrapersonal communication

This is a form of communication that takes place within the individual where he or she is not communicating with others, simply when he or she is alone and thinking to himself or herself.

Of course, not only successful people do this, but if you are opportune to meet any successful person out there, they will tell you that this is something they love doing. It helps them calm down and ruminate on cogent matters that require full attention.


2. They spend less on themselves

Most successful people out there live a very simple life. They are not bordered about the latest mobile phone or car out there. They believe that once a device can perform a task they acquired it for, it does not necessarily have to be fancy. They detest extravagancy.

Invar Kamprad whose estimated worth is $3BN is the founder of Ikea has previously disclosed that he drove a decade old Volvo and flew economy, although a private charter would be nothing but a drop in the ocean for his vast wealth.

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3. Having a conversation with strangers

If you want to be successful, there is a sure way to go about this, one of these is leaving your comfort zone and see the real world out there. Most successful people out there will love to listen to the ideas of people they don't even know. They love to hear the opinion of different people on different matters. It sure helps to improve relational ability.

4. Wearing the same thing every day

This is quite strange, right? Why should you be so rich and still love to wear the same thing almost every day? Well, this can as well be related to part of the simple lifestyle of these billionaires.

Taking Mark Zuckerberg with a net worth of $400BN as an example, he is usually seen in public wearing a grey T-shirt and a black hoodie. Likewise, Albert Einstein would fill his closet with variations of the same grey suit to simplify his life.


5. Weird sleep schedules

The view of some of these billionaires about sleep is quite different. They tend to believe that the time that you are sleeping can be converted to do something very productive. Taking Leonardo DaVinci and Nikola Tesla had one thing in common: they followed an odd sleep schedule. Both would take six 20-minute naps throughout the day to gain more hours of productivity.

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6. Living an extraordinary simple life

David Green, the CEO, and founder of craft company Hobby Lobby doesn’t fly first class when jetting around for business and spends the majority of his fortune on charitable works. Today he is one of the largest donors to Christian activities and with his charity extending to more than half a billion dollars.


7. Rigorous Exercise schedules

Successful people tend to be concerned about their health, they are aware that without good health, the stack of billions in there is useless. Therefore, they take body exercise seriously.

Oprah Winfrey once told people about her fitness efforts in 2016 that – ‘Sky, mountains, creeks, trees, grass, wildflowers – I just can’t get enough. So I made a vow this summer to log my 10,000 steps each day and get outdoors to do it”.

Apple’s Tim Cook wakes at up 3:30 am every single morning to hit the gym before work.


 8. They also fail

Is there a billionaire or successful scientist that is out there that has never failed before? The answer is No! Infact they are what they are today because of the failures they have faced over time. The only difference between them and others is that they refused to quit after failing. They saw the 'No' as an opportunity to do something differently. Billionaires understands that you can not win all the time, you only have to have the success rate higher than the failure


In conclusion, the habits that made these people what they are today might not work for you, all you have to do is stay calm and check what works for you. Everyone has what motivates them to do whatever they are doing. So just take it easy on yourself and continue to be who you are while aiming high for your goals. Who knows? A blogger might be out there waiting to write something very strange about a billionaire – that is, YOU!



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