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Top seven(7) lucrative business to start in school with little capital

Top seven(7) lucrative business to start in school with little capital


By Admin

Published on Tuesday 12th March 2019
Last Updated Monday 23rd March 2020

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Seven most lucrative business to startup in campus

Are you a student looking a sure way to make cool extra LEGAL cash? Then this is for you. The campus is a community on it is own with lots of opportunities to explore from, It’s quite unfortunate that just a few people can understand this. For some, the university is a place just to catch fun, some it is a place achieve one’s goal while to others, it is a money tree to harvest from.

Today I will be sharing some of the proven ways that you can use to generate extra cash while in the school environment.  

Before I start, there is two important things you will need before you can dive into these business I am about to share with you.

  1. Time
  2. Little Capital

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Time management can be a difficult task for most student in the university campus. Taking Nigerian universities as a case study. You can hardly have time for yourself if you study in a Nigerian conventional university, most especially the public universities. You will always have something important to do as its relates to your education, since that is your primary assignment, you have little or nothing to do than to face your education squarely.

So, if you are always occupied with educational programs, how will you have time to start your dream business right from campus? The truth is just that, no matter how occupied we are, there is always time for everything.

Time will only be a barrier and a limitation to your dream if and only if you perceive it as one.

Lord Chesterfied said “Take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves”.

Those little time you take in doing things that are not so productive can be accumulated into doing something that can fetch you cool cash.

Money is another important factor that must be considered before going into any business. Just as they say – capital is the backbone of any business. You need capital, how will you get it as a student?


There are several financial institutions that are ready and willing to lend you money to start a business of your own without collateral. Some of which are Branch, paylater etc. You can search this blog for Nine (9) sources of fund for small business startups in Nigeria/Africa

One good thing about the businesses I am about to share is that you do need huge capital to start these business. You can start some with as low as #10000.

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Seven (7) most profitable business to start up in the campus and make huge profits


1. Photography

This is business many tends to overlook, photography is one of the major business I set up when I was an undergraduate and I made cool cash from it. Students will always have a need for passport photographs, there will always be a birthday party and photoshoot will always be accompanied, all you need is a camera and a laptop computer to make beautiful editions. You do not need a very special training to do this, just go to youtube and search tutorial on photo edition. It is free.

2. Barbing Saloon

This is taking my number two because it a business that is very lucrative and quite easy to set up. Though you might need a little capital to set this up on your own, what you can do is attach yourself to someone that is already established for the time being so that you can start up your own when you have the required capital

3. Organize tutorial for your colleague

If you look around you in class, you will see that there are some of your fellow students that lagging behind in one course or the other. If you very brilliant, you can organize tutorial sessions for them to catch up, of course, it will not be free.

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4. Freelancing

Thanks to the information age that we are, you do not need to study computer science before you can freelance and do the works of a graduate from such field of study, all that is need is the skill and you will definitely be fine. There are so many clients on freelance sites such as tradelify, Fiverr, upwork, Elance etc. looking for the services of freelancers. Just go to youtube and learn any of the following skills : Graphics design, Website/software development, copy writing, SEO management etc

5. Outdoor catering services

This is a business you can start on your own or you can join a team to caterers. What makes this business unique is that, it is a work you can do during weekends, that is Friday and Saturday, so it will not be conflicting with your academic works.

6. Project management

Many students see project work as a very difficult task. You can make cool cash by helping students with their project and seminar works. All you have to do is build good network among your colleagues and your work will do the publicity itself. You will be surprised that many charge as high as #100000 to work on a particular project.

7. Sale of fairly used (Okrika) shoes and bags

We all love cheap things and that is why most people opt fairly used cloths and shoes. Do not be surprised that those cloths you think bought so cheap from your okrika seller are actually way cheaper.

Taking the shoes as an example, it ranges from #45000 to #75000, based on different countries. They sold in bales. A bale from Korea costs #45000, inside a bale, we have 50+ pairs of shoes. Which means a pair cost at most #900. These are quality shoes you can sell as high as #2000 per pair. So you see how lucrative this business is.


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There are other lucrative small business ideas out there but these should get you started. The most wonderful idea that remains in your head is basically useless until you stop procrastinating. The time to start doing something is now!



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